2013-12-05 19.05.54.jpg
  GRASP  latex on cotton; 5.5” h x 4” w by Jakub Kalousek 2011, altered by Scott MacLeod 2013   O! how gross an error! Because of inadequate preparation, the experiment has little value, and leads to few results of importance. Yes, the gates of grace are daily open, but the angels of Mars do not govern the rays of Jupiter, nor do those of the latter the rays of Mars.
  FATMAX 25  model paint on mdf, 3” h x 5.25” w x 2” d 2013  You certainly enjoy the momentary laughter and puzzled looks your magic act garners. And yet, it soon became clear that this “uselessness” is a form of right action. So do nothing. Sit there. Smile.  Do nothing . Just listen.
  iFAUXN (Museum Preparators’ Version)  model paint on mdf; 5” h x 3” w 2013  The artifact is chosen completely at random each time, giving the spell a very varying degree of desirability, as once used it can generate anything.  Apps: (1st row L-R): Reverse Time, Gmail, MemoryWipe, Anti-Gravity; (2nd row): Tool Finder, Contacts, Calendar, Matter/Dark Matter Converter; (3rd row): Taser/Pepper Spray, XRay Vision, Laser Level/Stud & Distance Finder, Invisibility Cloaking; (4th row): Distance Listening, 3-D Printer, Square/Cash Printer
  DeWALT  mixed media on mdf; 14” h x 14” w 2013   Could I be wrong in my understanding of the difference between having knowledge and having understanding?
  YELLOW CAMPFIRE  mixed media on mdf; 8” h x 9.75”w 2013  These rituals need not be slavishly imitated; on the contrary you should do nothing the object of which you do not understand. If you have any capacity whatever, you will find your own crude rituals more effective than the highly polished ones of others.   GREEN CAMPFIRE  mixed media on mdf; 8” h x 8” w 2013  Let each one speak his own language, because thus understanding what it is that ye are demanding, ye will obtain all grace. And if ye demand a thing that is unjust, it will be refused unto you, and ye will never obtain it. Yet, notwithstanding, it is well in a sacred magical operation to employ a language that does not to our minds convey so much the commonplace ideas of everyday life, so as the better to exalt our thoughts. But, as Abraham says, we should before all things understand what we are repeating.
  JUBILEE  expanding foam, iron, plastic, nail polish, spray paint, paint, varnish, gorilla glue; 13” h x 8” l x 4” w 2013   I have a book entitled  Gems and Minerals of The Bible . It's stacked at a slant on a row of books in bad light on a shelf in the basement. Last night out of the corner of my eye I saw along the spine  Germs and Minerals of The Bible . Tonight out of the same corner of the same eye I saw  Guns and Minerals of The Bible . I want a camera I can use to photograph what I see. I don't need one to record what all of us already agree on.  (Jim Leftwich)
  PASSING GLASS  glass & tin; 9.25” h x 6.75” w x 7” h 2013  Success in verbal invocations is a subtle matter, delicately shaded. You must decide for yourself whether or not to be satisfied with the result. It is desirable that the student should never attach to any result the importance that it at first seems to possess. Practice will make the student infinitely wary in these matters.
  THE BODY AHEAD OF THE HAMMER  collage; 9” h x 7.5” w 2010  These rituals should be practiced until the figures drawn appear in flame, in flame so near to physical flame that it would perhaps be visible to the eyes of a bystander, were one present.
Useless Magic - 17.jpg
  THE CRITIC  2013 Mixed media 8.75" h x 12" l x 5" w
  Yod. Nun. Resh. Yod.  (aka  Four Hand Studies ) 2013; inkjet prints each 8.5” h x 11” w  Stand upright, facing East, feet together, left arm at side, right across body, holding the wand or other weapon upright in the median line. Advance the right foot, stretch out the right hand upwards and forwards, the left hand downwards and backwards, the palms open. Raise the right arm to point upwards, keeping the elbow square, and lower the left arm to point downwards, keeping the elbow square, while turning the head over the left shoulder looking down so that the eyes follow the left forearm, and say:  Yod. Nun. Resh. Yod.
 As is often the case, I gave handmade gifts to people who attended the opening reception. In this instance, I required everyone let me take a photo of them with their chosen gift. I also insisted that recipients wait until they got home to open their gifts. Here are my favorite photos of people with their gifts:
Useless Magic - 22.jpg
Useless Magic - 24.jpg
Useless Magic - 25.jpg
Useless Magic - 26.jpg
Useless Magic - 27.jpg
Useless Magic - 28.jpg
Useless Magic - 29.jpg
Useless Magic - 30.jpg
Useless Magic - 31.jpg
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