This installation,  Even If Such An Object Outside Us Were Unimportant , pictured here, was inspired of course by the 3-month 1990 tour & a longer 1991 one, but also by a photograph in National Geographic of Nicolai Ceausescu's palace after it had been ransacked & set aflame by revolutionary mobs. I wanted to make the space look & feel like it had once been a place of power but was now deserted.  On all the flat-white gallery walls I painted in large white semi-gloss letters an appropriated, mashed-up text derived from Marx's Das Kapital & Hitler's Mein Kampf. The text being the same color as the walls. it could only be read when light reflected off the different sheens.
 I also painted the entire floor with blackboard paint & on it I wrote in white chalk an appropriated, mashed-up text derived from other sources including The Diary of Anne Frank, Deleuze & Guattari's Thousand Plateaus and an original text called "Heimlich Maneuvers" that I had written spontaneously in chalk on the floor of raum f gallery in Zürich, Switzerland during one of the performances in 1990. This text was gradually obliterated by the shoes of people coming to view the installation.
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