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 As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no personnel may interfere with the normal & healthy development of another life & culture. Such interference includes introducing superior knowledge, strength, technology or assisted living to any world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely.
 This detailed formal model is used to evaluate physical function, fear of falling, self-efficacy, and outcome expectations.
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 Here, we begin to re-think the elaborate daily moments of assistance, framed as rituals of compulsory able-bodiedness that can improve physical and cognitive risk factors in some people; but larger, higher-quality trials are needed.
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 Personal care is a complex consumer good further complicated by elaborate daily self-critique.
 Who, then, will dare say that there is nothing left for us but to copy the five- or seven-lobed flowers of the thirteenth century; the Honeysuckle of the Greeks or the Acanthus of the Romans – that this alone can produce art? Is Nature so tired? See how various the forms, and how unvarying the principles. We feel persuaded that there is yet a future open to us; we have but to arouse from our slumbers. The Creator has not made all things beautiful, that we should thus set a limit to our admiration; on the contrary, as all His works are offered for our enjoyment, so are they offered for our study. They are there to awaken a natural instinct implanted in us – a desire to emulate in the works of our hands the order, the symmetry, the grace, the fitness that the Creator has sown broadcast over the whole earth.
 Situates this idyllic setting as one choice in a marketplace of rational and informed shoppers, seeking the goods and services that best meet their personal preferences.
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 Provides insight into overcoming small hardships while examining the feasibility of a self-efficacy based intervention.
 Normative cultural construction of elaborate daily interspecies assistances and co-operations is complicated by the strategies employed by assisted living artists to promote consumer choice and independence while mediating potential risks, and by the very novelty of the assisted living philosophy.
 The social environment of enjoyment during which consumption occurs depends on the participants and the physical place, as well as the prior categories. It stands to reason that the way in which artworks are enjoyed will vary by setting type and local rules.
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 Due to the diversity of colors included, no meta-analyses were conducted.
 Our artworks are standardized such that one does not need to learn the local rules to purchase, regardless of geographic location. Results are manifested through an institutional belief in specific consumer demands including independence and choice. Whether this is a positive or negative reality for consumers is a matter of debate.
 A bewildering menu of choices confronts the viewer.
 It is not that the level of energy goes down, it is just no longer externally expressed
 People shop for fun, make purchases or take trips that convey a desired image, and buy services or products they neither need nor understand.
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 All previous viewers had enjoyable experiences and no serious adverse events were reported.
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 This conceptual roadmap & sequence of steps for conducting a specific activity assumes limited knowledge or skill.
 Here, we begin to re-think the condition of assistance, while rational actors seek to maximize its utility.
  The manner of delivery varies in style and meaning depending on prior categories and on the social relations between the involved parties.
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