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  Revelation  2009
  Revelation  2009  Bare Tree  2008  Republic 1  2008  We skirt the birch trees' reliance on the point at which twilight begins. In a few minutes the world begins to resist. And what would we have to do to locate the precise vanishing? Life is simpler when you plow around the stumps.
  Eminent Domain  2008  Little House  2009  Over time, confidence grows and awareness of our surroundings changes as well. We scan the woods along the roadside, seeking potential shelter. Thus we behold the howling wilderness, the habitation of savages and wild beasts, become a fruitful field. Roughness all be smooth'd away. It's not intentional, almost not a conscious thought.
 This region, so favourably distinguished by nature, and so remote from the inhabited parts of the continent, now becomes the habitation of a civilization rising from obscurity to shine with splendor. We behold the foundations of cities that, in all probability, will rival the glory of the greatest upon earth.
  Pioneer Species  2009  When the anchor doesn't catch at the bottom, take a stiff horn and lay back, look up at the false sky over your own far-flung house in the forest.  The road home is a remedy for nostalgia.
 In the forest we build a cabin, a lean-to, a shack or a hut to shelter our bodies and possessions. A door provides access, escape and security; a window allows for safe surveillance of the surrounding territory. We make our cabin out of stone and wood, our sheltering fire out of wood. We make our shelter out of the material of the forest that surrounds and threatens us.
  Saddle A Wobbly Colt Caution Cabin Smudge Cabin Ghost House  all 2009
  Ambiguity  2008  Flinch  2008  Curiosity is natural to the soul of man, and interesting objects have powerful influence over our yearnings, our wild ramblings. The object is to pry into the secret recesses of the heart, while confining all attention to overt acts, leaving all thoughts and fancies to a loose and random surmise. “Our yearnings!” she cried, crouching down in despair. “Our wild ramblings! What shall save us now?”
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  Causes & Effects  2009  Don't sell your mule to buy a plow.
  Looking For Pictures In The Fire  2009
 Wind and rain curl around the rusty nail, as if they owe the whole world an explanation. Praise where praise is warranted, while scrupulously recording all failings. It’s what you see when you imagine how you look.  Living is more than remembering or imagining.
  Willing Is Akin To Wishing  2009  "I was cooked up to a cracklin' by a hard run hit on the outside line of my recollection."
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  Wigan  2009  Some fellows form no local attachments, never remain long in one place. Barking up the wrong tree, as the devil would have it.  Well, if a fellow is born to be hung, he will never be drowned. We cannot be much other than we are.
 People live on, then, after they are dead; people stronger than us, they have the power to come back, to haunt, to settle old scores; to rip us down the middle, from our economy to our morality. Even the soil gives ground. For much wood a little fire suffices.    
  Keep It Up  2009
  The High Mountains Belong To The Wild Goats  2009  Madness doesn't happen overnight.
  Twister  2009  Pain is weakness leaving the body.  Impossible to guard against, impossible to conceal.
  Cabin Fever  2009  Imagination is a wondrous thing; it can surround even the most common-place objects with an atmosphere of romance, in which nothing is impossible or improbable. Each ghost files by, a burning cattle-horn in one hand and a worn rucksack slung over the other shoulder. Far down in the forest below, darkness has become an essential part of the landscape, deepening all the colors of nature, so that water in the streams and lakes appears dark as ink, and even the trees seem black.
  Helter Shelter  2009  Winter is still miles above you but coming down fast. Without thinking about it, a housepainter notices every house that has peeling paint as he drives by. This power derives from selfishness, yet in time a mysterious will is unfolded, and we behold our conduct, from whatsoever motives excited, operating to answer to the important designs of heaven.
  Settlement Republic 3  both 2009  To set off is to become the outer ring. Step aside and you're invisible. No road back but leads to sorrow.
  Golden Hive  2009  Where is it, that paradise and cabin - in the hands of what thief?
  Revolution  2009  The sky begins to develop and set, like a photograph. What are we? How do we know ourselves? As we close the shutters, the light begins to vanish.
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