Scott MacLeod has been presenting live, time-based, conceptual & static work in the San Francisco Bay Area and internationally since 1979. His installations, paintings & sculptures have been widely exhibited in the Bay Area at venues including Southern Exposure, The Lab, George Lawson Gallery, and SFMOMA as well as internationally in the Czech Republic, Belgium, England, Italy and Germany. Visual arts awards include the San Francisco Art Institute’s Adaline Kent Award (2000) and a Wallace Alexander Gerbode Visual Arts Award (2001). His fiction, poetry, theater and critical writings have been widely published in the USA and abroad, and he has co-produced several international cultural exchange projects between USA, France, Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. He lives in Oakland, California.


I create situations in which materials and processes can “be themselves” without constraints
of expectation or convention. Found-object sailing ships, reconfigured dartboards, fake museums,
and other experiments exhibit qualities simultaneously of craft and accident, high tragedy and low
comedy, intriguing mystery and unsettling familiarity. I take things apart and put them back together
in a “wrong” way, to show where the edges of emotion, power, language and pedagogy overlap
and cut into each other, without admitting that’s what I’m doing. My best works resist visual and
cognitive resolution, hovering between representation and abstraction, referring to both while
capitulating to neither.


2018. Museum of Dubious Navigation, North Church, Tides Institute & Art Museum, Eastport ME
Three-Ring Orchestra, ProArts, Oakland CA

2017 Maximum Feasible Misunderstanding, Cricket Engine, Oakland CA (w/Jakub Kalousek)

2016     USS Silver Clipper, St. Mary's Art Center, Virginia City NV

2015     Dead Reckoning, Shadow Office, Oakland CA
             Anxiety!, NIAD Art Center, Richmond CA
             The Bitter Sorrows of Scott MacLeod, Galerie Svít, Prague, Czech Republic
             Residency Exhibition, The Compound, Emeryville CA

2014     Betaville, Smokey’s Tangle, Oakland CA
             Waisted, Cricket Engine, Oakland CA (w/Jakub Kalousek)

2013     Museum of Bitter Sorrows: Useless Magic, Smokey’s Tangle, Oakland CA

2012     Quitters Comfort, Cricket Engine, Oakland CA (w/Jakub Kalousek)

2011      11/11/11, San Francisco Writers’ Grotto, San Francisco CA
              Museum of Bitter Sorrows: The Wreck of the Halcyon, Cricket Engine, Oakland CA

2010     Museum of Bitter Sorrows: My Life Is a Prison, Saint Mary’s Art Center, Virginia City NV

2009     Museum of Bitter Sorrows: Helter Shelter, Soap Gallery, San Francisco CA
              The Trouble I Had, Room For Painting Room For Paper, SF CA (aka George Lawson Gallery)

2007     Lost Coming Back This Way, Cricket Engine, Oakland CA

2006     WC Gallery, DePere, Wisconsin

2004     North Oakland Temporary Museum, Oakland CA

2001      Galerie Libresso ELM, Ostrava, Czech Republic

2000     Closer To Home, Adaline Kent Award Exhibition, Walter-McBean Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute
               Bleed, (2-person show) Cellspace, SF CA

1998       Dhghmunculus, (2-person show) The Lab, SF CA
               Alien Encounters, Temple Gallery/Kortrijks JOVC, Kortrijks, Belgium

1996      The New Man Is Learning To Swim, Dominic Centrum, Plzeň, Czech Republic
               National Gallery for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic

1995       Shrewd Little Angels, Collision, SF CA
               Even If Such An Object Outside Us Were Unimportant, Southern Exposure Gallery, SF CA

1991        Trace Elements, Podvornice Cultural Center, Dubravka, Czechoslovakia